The main form of therapy I use is Lifespan Integration (LI), which identifies current stressors and traces them back to earlier times when these same feelings were experienced. By showing the client’s “earlier self” that the experience is over through a systematic timeline of the client’s life, present stressors are resolved, and mental and emotional integration appears to occur. The method was developed in 2002 by Peggy Pace, MA. Lifespan Integration appears to resolve trauma and other emotional difficulties without re-traumatizing the client. For more information: What is Lifespan Integration? - Lifespan Integration

I also use techniques such as: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Solution focused techniques. My goal is to approach the counseling relationship with a Person-Centered lens believing that clients have within themselves the power to direct their lives and change the areas that they would like to change. I have worked in the business world since 2005 in sales and sales management roles. I completed my MBA in Leadership in 2014 and I currently work as a manager. I began pursuing my counseling degree in 2016, completing practicum work at Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center and an internship at Hope Place/Seattle Union Gospel Mission. I graduated in May 2019 and have worked in private practice, seeing a limited number of clients while continuing in my business career. I have both a passion for helping people heal from trauma(s) and helping people in business.


National Certified Counselor 2021

Licensed Mental Health Counseling Associate 2019

Lifespan Integration Therapy Levels I,II,III 2019

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Northwest University 2019

Adjunct Business Professor Northwest University 2017-2018

Master of Business Administrations with concentration in Leadership 2014

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with minor in Communication 2004